Sport parachuting is a hazardous sport that could lead to injury or death

Parachute systems sometimes fail to operate correctly, even when properly manufactured, assembled, packed and operated properly

If you are not willing to accept the risks outlined above, you should reconsider your involvement in sport parachuting


White water rafting poses several dangers that should be taken seriously. The most significant risk associated with rafting is drowning, which can happen if the raft flips over and you are unable to swim to safety. Additionally, the force of the water can cause injuries such as broken bones, cuts, and bruises, and the cold water can lead to hypothermia. Other hazards include collisions with rocks and debris in the water, becoming trapped in underwater currents or strainers, and getting separated from your rafting group. It is essential to understand the risks and take appropriate safety measures such as wearing a life jacket and helmet, following the guide’s instructions, and avoiding rafting in high water or dangerous conditions


Snorkeling in the ocean can be dangerous for inexperienced individuals or those who are not aware of the potential hazards. Risks include drowning, encountering dangerous marine life, getting caught in strong currents, experiencing hypothermia, and facing poor visibility. To stay safe while snorkeling, it’s important to have strong swimming skills, wear appropriate gear, swim with a buddy, check weather conditions, and be aware of potential hazards